Despre farmec

Being in the presence of a charming woman is like being drawn into a magic circle where everything is fresher, cleaner; where there is peace, warmth, comfort. Her smile is occasional rather than constant, making one want to bring ot back. The charming woman puts a man on trial in the sense that she produces in him the desire to be his best.

( Alec Waugh)

A charming person is never petty or petulant- rather she is one who is genuinely interested in people and activities. Charm gives an automatic radiance that magnetizes and, to my way of thinking, is the true essence of beauty. Instead of fading with the passage of time, the charm of a personality grows with the years.  One could even call charm a self developed talent, for it reflects individuality, intelligence, and warmth of the spirit. Almost anyone can achieve charm- its ingredients are only self discipline and thoughtfulness”

(Enid Haupt)

Gandurile acestea despre farmec le-am citit (si le-am notat) int-o luna calduroasa si umeda de iarna, in Singapore…cartile gasite acolo au fost cadoul acelui Craciun din 2006. Dar n-as putea sa inchei fara un proverb de-al inteleptului Solomon: „Ceea ce face farmecul unui om este bunatatea lui…”.


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